Resistance training has immediate positive impact on senior lifestyle

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There is no time like the present, is a routinely thrown about phrase. This certainly applies to getting in shape and improving one's quality of life. Starting a resistance based exercise regime can have so many benefits, and not just of the physical variety.  While of course, all exercise is good for body, mind and spirit the effects are much greater for strength training. Benefits are psychological, emotional, and even mental. The list is exhaustive so get prepared.

An exercise regime can; improve cognitive ability, improve appetite while reducing desire for low quality calories, reduce depression, improve self esteem, reduce anxiety, reduce chronic fatigue, increase sex drive,  improve duration and quality of sleep. If any of this sounds like it would improve your life, keep reading.  Endorphins released during and after a good workout are probably responsible for many of these positive effects.  

How about the satisfaction that comes from applying oneself to a challenging task. Dedication and drive. Reaching an objective and seeing and feeling results is incredibly satisfying. That's not evening mentioning the benefits of building social networks through interactions with like minded people throughout the week, all working to a similar goal.

Physical effects are more obvious but let’s get into the more indirect ones aside from the flattened midsection and toned biceps. Just getting out of the chair will quickly become so much easier. Resistance training increases bone density, strengthens tendons, improves reflexes, increases balance, reduces obesity, decreases risk potential of diabetes and did we mention improves sex drive.

How does one start a physical training regimen perhaps after decades or even a lifetime of never being in a gym? You start slowly (always check with your physician) and right away.


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