7 Great Reasons To Buy A Bidet Attachment

  1. Better Hygiene  - Water is a much more effective medium to clean fecal matter. Toilet paper leaves 15%-20% of fecal matter “behind”  and traces of fecal matter can be found on hands after. We use water to clean most messes around the house, why not use the same logic in the bathroom. You will have a much more effective cleansing experience in which the results are longer lasting.neo180_2_2
  2. Easy Installation - One common misconception about bidet attachments is that they are difficult to install. They take up very little room just under 4 inches next to the seat for the control panel), does not require a plumber to install and can be installed in ten minutes. A bidet attachment simply attaches under the toilet seat. It uses the same water supply that the toilet uses.
  3. Go Green, Go Clean - Using bidet attachments seats can reduce toilet paper use by up to 80%. Americans use 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper per year. Manufacturing toilet paper is water intensive and require lots of energy. Bidets are not only good for the environment, but are more hygienic and pay for themselves.
  4. Reduces Toilet Clogging - Using less toilet paper means less chance of clogging toilets. Saves even more money for those with septics tanks as they can reduce frequency of emptying tanks.
  5. Medical Benefits  - For those suffering from IBS, urinary tract infections, crohns, hemmorroids, pruritus ani or constipation can find relief in using a bidet. Toilet paper is abrasive and can irritate the skin, especially for those making frequent trips to the toilet. Not to mention the chemicals in the toilet paper can also be unhealthy.
  6. Aging in place - Seniors or those suffering from tremors, ALS, Parkinsons or Alzheimers can use bidet attachments to effectively clean. Dexterity of the hands may be compromised and wiping may become difficult. The bidet can relieve any anxiety and help those regain independence in the bathroom. 
  7. Saves Money - Toilet paper is expensive and the average annual household expenditure is over $150. Bidet attachments will pay for themselves in well under a year at a cost of around $100 per bidet. As mentioned in reason #4, if you are using a septic tank savings will be even greater since less maintenance will be required.

Now that you see that bidet attachments are the wise choice for your bathroom, check out our selection. Have a look at all our bidet attachments for one that meets your needs and budget.