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Fighting Dementia And How The Bidet Can Save The World

Even the simplest tasks, those that we have taken for granted our entire lives will become challenging. Going to the bathroom will become a chore and start to chip away at our independence and indeed become a hygiene issue. As difficult as this is for those living with dementia it will also become stressful and uncomfortable for those taking care of loved ones.

While those afflicted with dementia will need help with many everyday tasks the bathroom is one area where they can stake their independence. The bidet can also help those affected, age in place and stay in their comfortable surroundings. A study supported by the Dementia Collaborative Research Centre in Australia and the University of New South Wales show many positive results with the use of bidets and from Improving the toileting experience. Users in the study showed an improvement in hygiene and staff reduced time spent in managing incontinence. Reductions in infection due to more effective cleaning, especially in the elderly, is very important to reduction of spreading of skin diseases. There is also a financial and even ecological motivation associated with the bidet. The traditional toilet uses 3 5 gallons of water a flush and a roll of toilet paper can use another 7 gallons. This is not even including the electricity and energy required in toilet paper production and transportation. The test facility also demonstrated reduced costs associated with incontinence products.

With all these positive factors, perhaps the most important is the independence, dignity and self respect that allows one to perform such a personal task on one’s own and in their own personal space.

One of the most common arguments against the use and installation of a bidet is space and money. In today’s market there are many providers of bidet attachments that are DIY and under $50 (Luxe Bidet Neo 110). There are even products that have warm water attachments and hot air dryers so the whole process requires no hands at all.

So to recap the miracle bidet; Cost effective, environmentally sound, hygienic and allows users with dementia or deteriorating motor abilities to gain dignity and self respect. The french had it right the whole time! Now go out and save the world one bidet at a time.